A better way to deliver fresh poke

Ahi Assassins fish company will deliver fresh poke ice-cold island-wide.

Start delivering island wide

Their staff members became delivery drivers using a custom delivery routing app, refrigerated truck, ice boxes, and 808 Smart Car Rentals.

  • Competitive delivery fees

    Free delivery is offered to their customers on instagram.com @ahi_assassins as a promotional offer to launch their new delivery service.

  • No hidden fees

    During checkout, customers can select delivery dates and be charged a delivery fee for any orders that do not meet a specific minimum order amount.

  • Delivery routes are real-time

    Drivers & dispatchers will communicate with customers in real-time using SMS text and Shared locations.

Always in the loop

Managers become dispatchers and chat with customers using SMS text messaging.

  • SMS text messaging

    Each customer will receive SMS text notifications when their driver routes their order with a 1 hour ETA.

  • Shared location

    When the drivers start their route to the delivery address, customers will receive an SMS text notification of their order and shared location of the 808 Smart Car.

Hospitality with Aloha

Hawaii's favorite waiters, waitress, bartenders, hostess became delivery drivers.

  • Served at home

    Customers can experience similar customer service as their previous dine-in service at home by their favorite staff members.

  • Contactless tipping

    Drivers can receive tipping before or after delivery using Apple pay, Andriod pay, Venmo, Paypal, etc.